How To Identify Leaks In Your Commercial Propane Tank Using A Simple And Safe Method

If your place of business uses propane, then you probably know there is a large outdoor tank that holds the propane. However, if that's all you know, then you may be costing yourself money; propane tanks frequently leak, and while most leaks are not particularly dangerous, they can be expensive depending on the amount of lost fuel. Professional tank technicians handle repairs, but you can save money by checking for propane leaks yourself. [Read More]

Prepping For A Major Power Outage

You probably have a handful of candles or a flashlight laying around your home in case your power goes out, but are you really ready for an emergency? What would you do if you lost power for a week? It may seem unlikely that you'll lose power for an entire week. However, even small storms can cause power outages, and if it's a widespread problem, you could be without power for an extended amount of time. [Read More]

Fascinate Your Kids With Science Using Black Light Bulbs

If you're looking for a way to get your children interested in science, the humble light bulb might be just the thing. Black lights are essentially regular light bulbs coated in such a way that they primarily emit ultraviolet (UV) rays so you can see things normally out of your range of vision. Black lights don't actually look black – instead they appear to be a dark purple color and are available as incandescent, fluorescent and LED form. [Read More]

Three Creative Uses For Solar Power

If you've been considering the use of solar energy to help power your home, vehicle, or outside appliances, you may feel like the only options out there are boring or overdone. However, recently a number of individuals have devised creative and innovative ways to harness the sun's energy and use it to power a variety of devices. Read on to learn more about three creative ways you can use solar power. [Read More]