Survivalists: How To Store Diesel Fuel In The Long-Term

As a survivalist, you probably understand how important it is to keep diesel fuel on hand. Diesel can be used to power vehicles, generators and more and can even be used for trading purposes, so it's a smart idea to keep it for when things go awry. One thing that you might be worried about, however, is properly storing your diesel fuel. Luckily, following these tips can help you store it correctly.

Buy a Diesel Storage Tank

Don't keep your diesel fuel in a gas storage tank. It can be too easy to get different types of fuel confused if you do, especially in an emergency situation. Instead, remember that diesel fuel is traditionally stored in yellow containers. Also, make sure that the containers that you purchase are actually rated for safe diesel fuel storage. One smart idea is to invest in a larger yellow tank for a larger supply but to keep small containers on hand as well so that fuel can be easily transported.

Add a Fuel Additive

As fuel sits for extended periods of time, it can start to lose its potency. Instead of leaving your diesel fuel as-is when storing it, invest in a good fuel additive that will help prevent it from separating. You can purchase a good fuel additive from any auto parts store.

Keep it Separate from Your Home

Don't keep your diesel fuel stored inside of your home or your garage. No matter how careful you might be, there is always a chance that something could happen to your fuel, which could put your home and your family in danger. Instead, it's typically best to keep diesel and other fuel in a separate area away from your home, such as in a storage shed on the other side of your property.

Keep it Locked Up

Unfortunately, a large stash of diesel fuel could become at risk of being stolen. For best results, keep it in a fenced-in area or in a locked storage shed where it can't be easily accessed.

Rotate it Regularly

It's best to rotate your stash of diesel fuel to keep it from going bad. Throughout the year, use some of your older diesel fuel, and replace it with new. This will help you ensure that your diesel fuel is ready for use if an emergency situation does occur.

Storing diesel fuel is a smart idea for any survivalist. Luckily, if you follow these tips, you can be as successful as possible at this type of long-term storage.