9 Propane Grill Safety Tips

As the grilling season approaches, it is important to take precautions when using propane. Propane grilling is increasingly popular because of the thought that it is better than charcoal grilling. Here are nine tips to grilling safely. 

  1. Read the manufacturer's instructions. Even though many people shy away from reading instruction manuals, it is important that you read the one with your propane grill. It will contain important safety information you need to know.
  2. Choose a good grill location. Your grill needs to be on a level surface that is five feet or more away from your home. Ensure it is not under trees or other objects that could present a fire hazard. 
  3. Double check your connections. Use soapy water to ensure there are no leaks in your connections. Rub the soapy water at the connection points. If you see bubbles, there is a leak present. This needs to be done every time you grill.
  4. Open the lid when lighting. Never light the grill while the lid is down. You also need to be sure that you are not leaning over the grill while starting it. 
  5. Relight the grill properly. Review the manufacturer's directions for relighting the grill if the flame goes out. You might be required to wait a few minutes before relighting the grill.
  6. Stay with the grill. Never leave the grill unattended for any period of time. You need to be present in the event that there is a problem, such as the flame going out. 
  7. Do not ignore smells. If you can smell gas while cooking, it is important that you take action immediately. Turn off the grill, if possible. Call the fire department for assistance if the odor persists. 
  8. Get your grill checked out. Before the grilling season starts, it is a good idea to have a professional check out your grill to ensure that it is safe to use it. You should also have it serviced if you experience problems. 
  9. Have your cylinders inspected. Whenever you have your cylinders refilled, ask the supplier to inspect it for damage such as dents and rust. If there is any present, consider replacing the tanks. 

Propane grilling is a great idea, but it is important that you exercise precaution. Hazardous situations can occur within moments if you do not take the time to ensure that you are operating your grill safely. A few minutes of inspecting your grill each time before use can ensure your safety and that of everyone in the area. Speak with experts like Northwest Propane LLC for more information.