Commercial Propane Delivery: Two Ways To Fill Your Propane-Fueled Delivery Trucks

If you currently operate a business that has an entire fleet of trucks that run on propane, then you know how important it is to get enough propane to run them all. If a commercial propane delivery is late, then some of your trucks cannot leave your garage or parking lot. Addressing this problem only has some solutions if you want to continue using propane-fueled trucks.

Schedule Your Propane Fueling More Frequently

Scheduling your propane fueling more frequently means your trucks will always be full and the propane delivery trucks will always be on time. Instead of once or twice a week, schedule your trucks to be refueled three times a week. Send half of your fleet out until they have almost run out of fuel, and then swap trucks for those that still have a lot of fuel in them. By the time you have run through all the propane fuel in your fleet, the next propane delivery truck will be parked right out in front of your office.

Fuel Your Trucks Offsite

As propane steadily becomes a more and more popular fuel choice for delivery trucks and heavy duty trucks, propane gast stations are cropping up. Locate the nearest propane gas station and send your fleet out to be refueled as needed, with each driver taking responsibility to fuel his or her own truck before starting their rounds or going to work. The vacuum-sealed pumps that are connected to one massive propane fuel tank (above or below ground) contains more than enough propane to fill your fleet's tanks for a long time. Although you will not get your commercial propane delivered anymore (unless you want to), you can rest assured that your trucks will always have enough and always be working for you.

Self-Service vs. Full Service

The two biggest differences between these two propane fueling methods are the price and full service versus self-service. It will cost more to have propane delivered and pumped into each and every truck by the propane delivery person, but the full service approach will make you feel glad you have it.  The self-service approach, while quite a bit cheaper, means that your drivers will have to exit the vehicle every time they need to refuel at a propane refueling site. It puts your drivers and their trucks at a disadvantage because they cannot always see what trouble is headed their way. For more information, contact a business such as Reeves Propane.